8 Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Making It As A YouTuber

YouTube can be a lucrative career - some of the most popular creators rake in thousands and even millions each year. But getting there requires dedication and some smart moves.

Make The Best Of What You Have

Not everyone can afford slick production and cutting-edge editing from the start. The key is to start small and make a great, engaging video with what you have.

Find Your Niche

YouTube is a saturated space - so it’s important to find a niche and make the best possible content you can within it to help you gain a loyal following.

A Great Thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video is like the cover of a book or a great headline - you want it to prompt a click + view. Make it aesthetic and keep it consistent with your brand.

An Engaging Title

A great thumbnail without a great title is nothing. Make it engaging but not clickbait - and try to sneak in a relevant keyword or two.

 Partner Program

Once you cross 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours, you can apply to the partner program and monetise your channel through ad revenue shares.

Promote Within Your Network

You’re bound to have other social channels - Facebook, Instagram, a website/blog. Share links and updates about new uploads and embed your videos elsewhere if you can.

Find The Best Time To Post

You know where your audience is - so take into account when they are likely to be most responsive and post accordingly.


Another great way to gain followers is to reach out to other creators and collaborate on videos.