Reliance Jio’s Marketing Strategy

By Upgrowth

July 2, 2021

The Midas Touch

Pretty much everything from the business house of Reliance does well - and it’s not just their offering, but the way they market it.

Here’s how their strategy for Jio worked. 


Reliance has sometimes been seen as cut-throat with their pricing strategies - but they wanted to make mobile internet accessible to all, and launched premium 4G at cheap prices initially. 

Product Offering 

To make their services even more accessible, Jio introduced products - like their Jio-fy dongle - which would make internet access a breeze for anyone who wanted it. 


Jio also understood the need to make it easy for people to purchase their products - and did so with hundreds of Jio kiosks across the country. 

Provide Easy Activation

They put user experience front and centre and provided easy activation with e-KYC and home delivery of SIM and dongles


Jio went all out - print, digital, TV, radio, social media and even celebrity endorsements, to spread the word. 

Potential For The Future

Instead of investing in older spectrums like other providers, Jio focused on voice capability through data, or voLTE, tapping into internet data over voice and SMS. 

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