Ratan Tata:  A Generous Philanthropist

July 18,2021

Tata: One Of India’s Most Generous Industrialists

Ratan Tata is one of India’s most respected industrialists - and one of the most generous. Here’s a look at some of his causes and charities.

Education, Medicine, Rural Development

These are the three main areas of Tata’s focus, with 65% of his shares invested in charitable trusts dedicated to these spheres.


Tata Education and Development Trust endowed a $28 million Tata Scholarship Fund that will allow Cornell University to provide financial aid to undergraduate students from India.


Last year, Ratan Tata trended on Twitter when he donated Rs. 500 cr to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, to purchase PPE kits for frontline workers, respiratory systems, testing kits and more.

Rural Development

Tata Trust’s Transforming Rural India (TRI) works to transform villages in regions with acute poverty in MP, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. They have helped over 300+ villages so far.

Helping Our Furry Friends

Ratan Tata is also a dog-lover, and there is a special room for stray dogs at Tata Group’s Bombay House in Mumbai that serves as a kennel/shelter with food and water.

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