July 17 2021

Marketing Lessons From Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Maybe you played it, maybe you didn’t: but you would have certainly heard about Pokemon Go.  That’s the power of good marketing. Here’s what you can learn from them

Online + Offline FTW

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that combines the best of an online and offline game.  The two work together to create an immersive experience and compelling story.


You want users to stay on your app/product/service for longer. Pokemon did this with level ups and battle gyms.  The more users played, the more they gained - similar to loyalty programs. 

Social Media

Social media helps showcase the effectiveness of your product or service.  For Pokemon Go, snapshots of people playing and having fun prompted more users to download the app. 

Think Big - And Small

Marketing macros are important, but your strategy also needs to resonate at the community/local level.  Pokemon did these with “Poke stops” at local heritage sites for recharging.

Start Playing The Marketing Game!

You don’t need to have an addictive game with cute animated creatures to use some of these strategies in your marketing campaigns - try them today!

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