The Marketing Genius Of Apple

By  Upgrowth          July 1 2021

A Brand Like No Other

Apple has a loyal and almost rabid fan following - with customers lining up for hours to purchase a new drop.

How do they do it?  With smart marketing.

Breakthrough Products

Apple can pride itself on launching revolutionary products - be it the iPod, iPhone or iPad.  But it’s the way they market these products that have made the brand last.

Thinking Beyond Ads

Running paid ads is a great way to drive leads to your site - but Apple eschews PPC and relies heavily on product placement and reviews in the media. 

USP Trumps Price

Apple products don’t come cheap - and they rarely push discounts. Instead, they highlight why their product is worth your money, with a “you get what you pay for” attitude. 


Tech specs can be confusing.  Much like their sleek and minimal designs, their web and sales copy is also simple, direct and devoid of jargon. Don’t confuse customers with too much information.

Consistent Experience

Apple believes in giving a great customers experience - and this can be seen at all touchpoints, whether it’s in-store, on the website, the UX/UI of the products or in their ads. 


Apple has different B2B segments: education, government, SME and enterprise.  Instead of marketing based on the benefits of the products, they market to the unique needs of the customer.

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