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Instagram: 1 Million Users In 3 Months

By  Upgrowth            July  21, 2021

The IG Story

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular apps, with over 500 million users. And they managed to hit the 1 million mark within just 3 months of launching. Here’s how.

Do One Thing - And Do It Well

The IG of today has a bunch of features - videos, live streaming, short-form video and stories. In the early days, they focused solely on photo sharing - and did it well.

The Power Of Influencers

In its early days, a few high-profile names signed up and spread the word - including Twitter’s Jack Dorsey - creating a buzz and increasing popularity. 

Exclusivity Works 

When IG launched, it was only available for iPhone, making it exclusive. This prompted more users to download the app and check it out.

Smart Partnerships

IG managed to partner with other big media companies early on. Nat Geo used the service to share interesting photos, and Twitter included a sharing option directly from the app.

Add Features, Experiment Often

IG was quick to add new features to the app - more filters, along with the introduction of 7 languages. This made it more fun and accessible. 

Make It Worth The Wait

Two years later, when IG launched an Android app, they had 1 million downloads on day 1 - that’s how much people wanted to be on the platform! The rest, as you know, is history.