Flipkart’s Marketing Strategy

By Upgrowth  I July 1, 2021

The Indian Unicorn

What launched as India’s answer to Amazon is now a billion-dollar company owned by Walmart and the choice for millions of Indians who shop online.

Not An Overnight Success

When they launched in 2007, the internet landscape was vastly different. Here’s a look at the marketing strategy that made this company the success it is today!

Be Where Your Customers Are

Flipkart focuses on creating touch-points where their customers are: a robust digital presence, mobile apps and bots and social media to augment customer service.

Star Power Works

Bollywood sells - and Flipkart has roped in Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan and Shraddha Kapoor to promote the platform and different verticals.


In recent years, Flipkart has increased its spending on digital marketing, versus earlier, where a lot of cash was burned on multichannel marketing campaigns.


In the early days, Flipkart was geared towards electronics - but today, boasts a huge fashion catalogue, groceries and more. The ‘India Ka Fashion Capital” campaign worked well for them.

Pandemic Pivot

Since the pandemic hit, Flipkart has pledged tens of crores for medical supplies and partnered with Tata Consumer Products to ensure the supply of essentials to consumers.