The Facebook  Vs  Apple Feud

By Upgrowth

July 16, 2021

The Privacy Battle

A new privacy change that powers Apple’s iPhones has led to a war of words between tech giants Apple and Facebook.

What The Update Is About

An update to Apple's iOS will let users know if an app wants to track them - and Facebook isn’t too happy about it.

App Tracking Transparency

Apple calls this feature App Tracking Transparency, which prompts you to give apps permission to track your activity across other apps and the web.

Why Facebook Is Fuming

Facebook’s prime source of revenue is targeted ads, which they claim this update threatens.  FB also feels the move is less about privacy and more about Apple’s own biz interests.

Ads Won’t Stop, Though

Apple isn't going to stop developers from tracking you, or running personalised ads: they just want you to have the power to opt-in or out of it.

Transparency Is the  Real Issue

Apple just wants developers to be transparent about the data they want to collect and how they want to use it.

Users Would Rather Not Be Tracked - And Facebook Knows It

The update requires developers to ask your permission before tracking. FB knows that given a choice, people will opt out of tracking.

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