Digital Marketing: Top Tips From Gary Vee

Rockstar Gary

Love him or loathe him, you can’t ignore Gary Vee. The digital marketing guru doesn’t mince words and tells it like it is. Here are some of his best marketing tips.

The GaryVee Content Model

Content is king, and Gary knows it. He insists on documentation, creation and distribution. Document the long-form. Create the short-form. Distribute on the right channels.

Think Like A Media Company

The content you put should either inform or entertain your audience - not be a sales pitch. In this regard, you should think like a media company when creating content.

Reply, Respond, Interact

Gary gets an immense volume of comments - but he manages to reply to many of them. Do the same for your brand. Invest in interactions and treat them as customer service.

Build Your Unique Brand

Gary believes in building a strong brand that resonates. “Your personal brand is your reputation. And your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career.”

Email Is Alive And Kicking!

Gary says email is still a powerful tool: you are not at the mercy of search engines and algorithms and can maintain a strong bond with your audience/customers.

Start A Podcast

Gary believes that audio and voice will be the future of digital marketing. They can be short or long, promoted everywhere, and users can listen anywhere and anytime.

Be Yourself

It’s easy to jump on trends and do what everyone else is doing. But Gary says you need to stay authentic - displaying who you are makes your business different from the rest.

Provide Value Before Asking For Something

Whether it’s free content, like a webinar, e-book or downloadable, give your audience something free to build trust, before asking them to make a purchase.

Think Long-Term

Business owners must stay committed to their long-term vision - building a brand online takes time, patience and consistency, something Gary has shown in his career.

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