How To Boost Your Followers On Instagram

The App Of The Moment

Instagram is now one of the most-used apps in the world - and with image, video, text and broadcast capabilities, it’s a great place to grow your brand.

Getting Real Vs Fake Followers

We all know that many influencers buy followers - numbers that don’t bring in real engagement. But authenticity is what translates into real growth. This is how to do it.


Feeds filled with fresh content are the feeds that win followers. A dormant grid isn’t doing you any favours. The more you post, the more opportunities you have to be shared and discovered.


You should also post at the right time when your audience is likely to be on the platform and engaging with it. Schedule your content to align it with the best times to post on social media.

Have A Conversation

Don’t talk to your followers, talk to them and engage with them. That means responding to comments, asking questions, using polls and getting your followers to respond and react.

Yes, hashtags work, so use them thoughtfully. They appear on Instagram search and people can follow them, like #veganfood, and images tagged with that term appear while they are scrolling.


A Good Bio

Two-thirds of profile visits are from non-followers, so your bio should define your brand identity and what you do so that people can approach you. Include a relevant link to drive traffic.

Gorgeous Grid

Keep the aesthetics of your grid consistent - stick to a brand colour or style of photo, have a standard font in place for posts and create a brand story that makes you recognisable.


Stories are a must. You show up on your followers’ homepage every time you post and remind them that you’re regularly creating content - and you can redirect them to your grid or site.

Compelling Captions

Instagram has a lot of room for text. But very few will click beyond the “read more,” so make sure you include the best and most informative parts of your caption upfront.