7 Marketing Lessons From Tim Ferriss

Tim’s Tips

Time Ferriss, entrepreneur, investor and author of “4-Hour Workweek” is one of the internet’s most popular personalities. Here are some of the self-help mogul’s marketing lessons.

Product-Centric Focus

Market around the product, not the product itself. Promote the larger idea or problem your product/service solves. Instead of marketing a book, Ferriss marketed a lifestyle.

Content & Community

You can create a blog and a community around the product and concepts you are promoting. This leaves room for dialogue and building a connection with potential buyers.

Quality Matters

You can no longer get away with marketing a sub-par product or service. What you have created should add value and deliver on its promise.

New Media Matters

As we move away from traditional marketing, Ferriss stresses the importance of creating genuine connections via social media instead of sending out an impersonal press release.


Good reviews are a great way to attract more people to your product or service. Offer your product for free in exchange for honest reviews to jumpstart the buzz.


Customers who get something extra in return for their purchase are bound to come back. So, stay ahead and offer something more exciting than your competitors to keep customers happy.


Some marketing tactics work, others don’t. The key is to experiment and test out different strategies and see what brings in the best result. Sometimes a revitalisation is all you need.

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