Fortnite: 5 Smart Marketing Strategies

July 17, 2021


It’s just 5 years old, and one of THE most popular online games, loved by Millennials and Gen-Z alike. And smart marketing helped this battle royale game cement itself as one of the greats.

Free Is A Smart Way To Be

Fortnite chose to start off as a free game, thereby reaching pretty much everyone - and this gave them access to a wide audience and quickly helped build a loyal fan base.


The game itself is free - but once they had their fans hooked, they could easily get them to pay for relatively inexpensive add-ons, like skins and coins, to customise their playing experience.


Referrals are a great way to gain new customers - and with Fortnite, it worked even better, because it allowed you to play with friends, which got even more people talking and hooked.

Content Is King

Fortnite knew they had struck gold with their fanbase - and they made it a point to keep fans engaged by putting out content consistently on their social media platforms.


Fortnite created Battle Passes (a new game theme) every three months, available for as little as $10. This gave giving players something to look forward to and invest in every quarter.

Try Your Hand At These                       Strategies

You may not have an adrenaline-pumping shooting game to sell - but you can certainly employ these strategies to the products and services on offer!

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