Instagram Reels vs TikTok – The Verdict

Instagram reels came out over a week span after the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps on 29 June 2020. It also included the most influential and popular amongst teenagers like TikTok, Helo, Vigo Video etc.

When it comes to buzz, the viral video app TikTok has been hard to beat in 2020’s social media presence. But now, Instagram has entered the competition!

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India claims more than 120 million monthly active users on TikTok, making it the largest base outside China. The country captured a staggering 41.3% of all downloads in February this year, finds Sensor Tower. And the app’s head of operations in India forecasts 50% growth in 2020, information shared by Hootsuite.

The Economic Times,

India contributed to most of these installs at 20%,Mesnwhile  America stands at 9.3%. This is from app analytics firm in its blogpost from 2nd June.

Instagram Reels has let the users create short videos set to music that are shared with their peers and followers. It is similar to TikTok. This is an amazing opportunity for Instagram. It can increase app engagement snd bring more users. It also allow people to spend more time on the app daily and establish itself as a video entertainment platform.

Instagram Reels allow users to record videos up to 15 seconds long. They can add trending songs, booming filters and effects layered along with it. Many creators are looking to make the most of Instagram Reels by increasing their followership. They have revamped their explore page to create a specific landing spot for Reels at the top of the screen. This, people can vertically scroll through that is similar to TikTok’s “For You Page” section.
Although both apps may have similar features in terms of allowing to make short size videos, they both are freely available.

There are a few other features that Instagram Reels can’t compete with Tik Tok. Users won’t be able to “duet” with each other .This is a core TikTok feature that lets people interact with, build upon, and remix videos. Moreover, Instagram also won’t allow users to upload songs of their choice directly into the app’s system. Musicians looking to use the app as a place to make a song go viral would miss this feature.

How this has impacted the Indian Influencers?

🙅Firstly, for Indian creators who were more active on TikTok, getting the same number of followers on Instagram Reels won’t be an easy task.

Even the top influencers like Riyaz Aly who had 42.3 million followers on TikTok had 8.4 million followers on Instagram.

🙈The Tik Tok ban has caused a mind-blogging dent of estimated ₹120 crore for the top 100 influencers, according to findings of the Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB).

Influencers with 1 million followers could easily make up to ₹35,000 per month and with twice the following up to ₹50,000. Some of the top influencers like Riyaz Aly were making ₹5-6 crore in annual earnings from TikTok and were expected to make ₹8-9 crore in 2020, according to IIHB.

Here is the covered article by The Economic Times, Instagram Product head, Vishal Shah, spoke to ET Now’s Nayantara Rai on the big release. 

The coming months will give us the verdict of how Instagram Reels was a real success or what will happen if the Tik Tok ban is released in India!

Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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