Google Digital Guru Green Belt Certification 2020

My Journey of Google Digital Guru Green Belt Certification 2020

I joined upGrowth in my quest to become a Google digital guru as a PPC Executive, starting my journey managing Google Ads accounts before I transitioning to an SEO profile and now working on optimizing and improving page ranks for our clients.

As a platform, I found Google Ads to be a very utilitarian & customer-oriented advertising tool. From better user experience to higher close and conversion rates, from building brand credibility to optimizing cost management, Google Analytics stands out from all the other tools in terms of features and performance.

Working At upGrowth

upGrowth is a growth hacking-marketing agency whose goal is to bring about effective growth of your company.

upGrowth uses unique strategies and state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the digital presence of your company leading to significant and sustainable growth. The strategies are built on data-driven experiments. Effective digital campaigns are made based on this, which eventually leads to rapid growth. This works for both start-ups and well-established companies.

Recently, we at upGrowth were given the opportunity to train and acquire the Google Digital Guru Green Belt certification.

Google Digital Guru Green Belt Certification Verified By Google : 1st Step Towards Becoming A “Google Digital Guru”!

Google digital guru

So here’s how it works: the Google Ads official team trains you to be a full-time digital marketer and enables new career possibilities. The program aims to empower the most dedicated and talented individuals in digital marketing to become experts in Google Ads tools. It combines business overview and in-depth product implementation of the 5 As of Performance Excellence including:

  •  Ad formats,
  •  Audiences,
  •  Always on,
  •  Automation and
  •  Attribution.

The Google Digital Guru Green Belt Certification is a first step towards achieving a bigger milestone in digital marketing. The program is divided into 3 levels:

  • Green (Foundation),
  • Blue (Advanced),
  • Black Belt (Pitch Stimulation),

each of which is a prerequisite to the next. the individual is labeled as a ‘Digital Guru’At the end of this training program.

The Green Belt track focuses on Google Ads practitioners and search specialists to help agencies create, optimize, measure and report search campaigns for their clients.

It’s an exclusive, niche program meant only for the most valuable agency partners. (There are hardly 150+ Google Digital Guru Green Belt holders in India.) It also serves as an individual’s first milestone in the path of becoming a digital marketing expert. It was an opportunity for selected members from agencies, brands and other corners of the country to advance their Google performance advertising expertise. This is used as a benchmark for their position in the industry.

We at upGrowth were lucky to get premium access to such a program, and this Google Digital Guru Green Belt Certification program was my first such experience at the company. One thing to note here – due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s course was conducted entirely online.

Learnings And Experience


It began with a link that Google sent. We had to register ourselves by accessing the link. Upon successful completion of registration, we received another link the next day.This led to a test that we had to give and qualify in order to attend the webinar.The test consisted of multiple choice questions that tested your digital marketing skills. After qualifying in the test, we received a verification code that we used to access the course material and webinar.

Our mentor for this webinar was Meenakshi from Google. The entire webinar was informative, interesting and my favourite parts were the live quizzes that were conducte for all participants upon completion of a topic. It worked like this: once the mentor finished explaining a topic, a set of questions would appear on our screen that would test what we grasped from the topic that was explained.

Following were the key learnings from the webinar:


Tools for driving performance across Google properties

  • Search
  • Display
  • YouTube
  • Programmatic

Search ads


  • The opportunities to drive performance:
    • Account excellence using Optimization Score.
    • Planning with Google Trends and forecasting with Performance Planner.
    • Boosting ROI with Smart Bidding.
    • Driving leads further.

Search ads

Dynamic Search Ads:

Dynamic Search Ads setup:

Dynamic search ads

Dynamic search ads

Boosting ROI With Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding

This solution combines an exclusive set of signals to set precise bids for every auction. Fully automated and designed to help you achieve your marketing goals.


  • Smart Bidding bids auction-time & query-level.
  • It uses a combination of thousands of signals to set the best bid.
  • Smart Bidding can optimize based on conversion history from all of your.

    Google Display campaigns

         Smart Display
         Setting up smart campaign
         Set your budget
         Set your bid
         Maximize your creatives
         Wait before acting
         Optimize your campaign

Smart bidding

Smart display ads

Discovery Campaigns

85% of online consumers will take a product-related action within 24 hours of discovering a product that meets their needs.
Discovery ads can reach up to 2.9B people.

Discovery Ads


  • YT India’s journey to the 400 millionth user.
  • The 1st 100 Million Entertainment.
  • The Next 150 Million Entertainment + Information.
  • The Current 150 Million Entertainment + Information + Education.

Youtube journey

Case Studies And Exam:

This was a very productive session. The participants were split into groups and were given a common case study to solve. Everyone contributed and we came up with some really good insights and suggestions.

There were two case studies:

  • Lead Generation-based case study
  • Brand Awareness-based case study

Each case study consisted of a set of question. We had to answer these questions by discussing them with our team mates. In the end all this was put to test through an online exam.  In order to receive the Green Belt Certificate, it was mandatory to clear this exam.

I am proud to have cleared this exam and am now Green Belt Certified.

Green belt certification


Proud to complete my Google Green Belt Certification and here it is –

Google Green Belt Certification


Google Digital guru green belt certification


In conclusion, I’d like to say that the entire program was highly informative and insightful. There were a few understandable network glitches.  Apart from this, the session really helped me gain a deeper understanding of the field of digital marketing – and I’m looking forward to the next level in the course!

PPC Ads Specialist || Aabshar has 1+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry. She manages PPC and SEO accounts for Upgrowth. She loves watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and resonates herself with "Monica"
July 30th , 2020

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