5 Reasons Why Gen Z Marketing Is So Important

Selling is a serious business. And to sell right, you need to have a laser-sharp focus on who you are selling to. As Baby Boomers and Gen X begin to reduce their spending capacity, you need to turn your attention to the next generation that is going to make up a big chunk of your revenue: Gen Z. They represent the changing customer of today, one who is digital-savvy and uses Snapchat, YouTube, and other forms of social media to research and discover products and services. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should be focusing on Gen Z and talking about Gen Z marketing. 

1. They Are Where The Dollars Are

Gen Z is entering adulthood and joining the workforce, so in the years to come, they will be spending more and more as the older generations – namely Gen X and Baby Boomers – spend less. It is imperative that you target this demographic and tailor your marketing messages and sales pitches to them. They are the group you can profit from. As they enter the workforce, they will make up a huge chunk of your consumer base in the years to come. Statistics indicate that Gen Z makes up 40% of consumers in the United States, so you can imagine what the metrics may be like on a global scale. This is the generation that is going to drive future purchases, so invest in reaching out to them. 

2. They Influence Purchase Decisions

Since they are the spenders of today and tomorrow, it is but natural that they will influence purchase decisions. That’s not all – as Gen X and Baby Boomers move into retirement and spend less, it is Gen Z that will influence their purchase decisions and even make purchases on their behalf. Since they have so much power of the purchasing decisions of themselves and prior generations, it is important that you 

3. They Are Digital Natives

Digital Natives

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z was born into a digital world and hasn’t known a world without the internet, apps, smartphones, and technology. This makes them the ideal candidate for digital marketing and e-commerce. They spend much of their time online, and you need to tap into that. 

Be present where they are – from social media to online forums to Reddit. Not having a solid online presence is no longer an option – even if you run a brick and mortar establishment, you need to have some kind of online home. You don’t necessarily need to have an e-commerce set-up, but you need to be available somewhere online so that you can get discovered. List yourself on Google My Business, make yourself available on food ordering aggregators (if you are into restaurants and catering), and have active social media handles.  

4. They Are Hyper Aware

Like we mentioned in the point above, Gen Z is a digital generation, born into the era of high-speed internet, smartphones, and digital technologies. Thanks to the fact that they have access to so much information, this is a generation that is hyper-aware about the world and what it has to offer. From researching products and services to going through numerous reviews before making a purchase, they are clued in and curious. As a business owner, you need to have a strong content marketing strategy so that you can appear on their radar when they search for a related product or service. Information is power!

5. They Are Socially Conscious

One important thing to note is that Gen Z is a socially conscious lot. They are politically and socially aware and want and expect more from businesses and brands. So you need to think beyond your bottom line and align with a cause or highlight the causes you already care about.  

Gen Z is actually a marketing goldmine, and they are an impressionable lot. By focusing your Gen Z marketing strategies, you stand to win big. So get to it, and create a strategy that will be sure to woo them!

Karishma is a Digital Marketing Enthusiast with 2+ years of experience in SEO & Content Marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys reading & writing. Karishma is a die-hard Goonerette with immense love for Arsenal & she's a huge fan of BTS!
September 8th , 2020

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