Facebook Ads and All You Need to Know About It

Facebook ads and info

Social advertisement has opened facebook for marketers.When it comes to Facebook ads and info i would first like to put forth a question for all you social media marketers. Have you ever spied on your Competitors? Above all,  their ads?

Of course you all have. Why am i excluding me? In fact we all have. We all do and Furthermore, we’ll keep doing.

Generally, it is terribly difficult to find their ads. This Consequently would take up a whole lot of time and efforts, During your social media marketing strategy or any research for that matter. Any one from social media magement would agree to this.

For this purpose, Here are some of the tools which social media marketers used to analyze their competition:

Pricing: 20-80$ per month

Pricing: 29-49$ per month

Pricing: 49-499$ per month

Well here’s the good news. Whether it business page on facebook or any other promotion for that matter. Facebook ads has now made this extremely easy. So easy that you can find all your competitors’ ads or anyone’s ads for that matter. (If they are running ads that is)

So why did Facebook do this?

Here’s what Facebook had to say:

We’re taking significant steps to bring more transparency to ads and Pages on Facebook. Giving people more information about any organization and the ads it’s currently running will mean increased accountability for bad actors, which will help to prevent abuse on Facebook.

Our mission is focused on giving people a voice and bringing everyone closer together. We’re taking these steps as part of our efforts to prevent election interference and protect against bad actors. And of course, to provide people with more information about what they see on Facebook.

By the way that is a good way, when you are pitching to your prospective clients, to find out whether they are running ads and if at all they are what is wrong with them.

Here’s what you need to do to find facebook ads and their info.

(For desktop)

Step 1

Go to any page. Eg. https://www.facebook.com/Snapdeal/

Step 2

Locate the tab ‘Info and Ads’ in the menu which come below the profile pic.

Facebook Info and ads

Step 3

Click on it. Ta-da!

(For mobile)

Step 1

Go to any page and locate Info and Ads tab which is just below the cover pic. Eg. https://www.facebook.com/Snapdeal/

Facebook info and ads

Step 2

Click on it. Ta-da!

There it is. Wow. It’s like a whole new world opening. Anyone will be able to see these 3 things of your or anyone else’s pages:

  • All ads actively running on that Facebook Page
  • The date the page was created
  • Historical changes to Page name
Facebook page info


Facebook page info


These are the benefits which you can get from this new feature:

  • You can learn from competitors and brands who have become experts of Facebook ads.
  • You can audit your own creative with respect to competitors to find any areas of creative opportunity you may not have taken advantage of.
  • Growing brands looking to step up a level on their competition can find out what is working for them and use that information to optimize their own ad campaigns.

Here’s a quick hack:

If you’re looking for discounts, offers and coupon codes look in the info and ads section. You might stumble upon some treasures if big companies like Snapdeal or Zomato are giving discounts for selective users through their ads targeting.


Zomato page info


Quick tip:

In particular, using Offer ads will be the only way to keep promotions hidden from outside the target audience.


However, this also means that your ads have also become transparent. Your competitors can view all of your Page’s ads.

As consumers can see all of your ads, In short you must be extra careful.

A final takeaway:

Spy on competitors

Spy on your competitor’s ads as much as you want, learn how you can improve your ads and creatives linked to it and constantly try to up your ante.


Frequently asked questions

Using the right Facebook marketing strategies are important in boosting growth and expanding your online presence. For 2020, there are several things to consider as you market your business on Facebook. Video is one of the key drivers – utilize it well. Studies suggest that by the end of 2020, video will account for 85% of all internet traffic. Make sure to use this tool in your campaigns. It is also important to focus on insight-driven marketing. There is a lot of data at your disposal, as well as analytics. Learn from these metrics and use them. And the third thing to keep in mind is to use conversational marketing – don’t talk at your audience, talk to them and make it a dialogue.

Doing Facebook ads quizzes are a great way to keep yourself up-to-date with the world of Facebook ads, an important marketing tool for growing businesses. There are several quizzes to choose from online – a simple Google search will lead you to them. From how to create an ad to the latest changes and trends in the world of Facebook ads, quizzes will help you stay ahead of the curve and also test your knowledge. If you take your Facebook ads quizzes search a little further, you will find that there are even a few websites that can give you a certification on completing the quiz.

The “advertise on Facebook cost” is a common question that plagues marketers globally. The best place to start is the Facebook for business help centre. There is really no limit to how much you need to spend to advertise on Facebook – you can start as low as five dollars a week and even go as high as $50,000 a week if you want to! However, keep in mind that the average cost per click of your ads will vary depending on your industry, the targeting you have set and the ad creative you are using. Simply put, it will cost as much as you have to spend.

Facebook ads questions and answers need to be addressed before you get into any campaign. There is no point running a campaign if your ads don’t answer some very basic questions regarding what you want them to achieve. For starters, who is your target audience? The more specific and focused you can get with your TA, the better. Secondly, what action do you want them to take? Do you want to drive traffic to your site, make them sign up for an email or convert on a product or service? This needs to be decided before you create the ad. The third question that needs to be addressed is “why” and “why now?” How will the potential customer benefit, and why should they make a purchase or take action now? This information needs to be highlighted clearly in the ad copy in order to prompt action.

Facebook ads horizontal scaling is a great tactic to use when you want to replicate winning Facebook ads, but with a different target audience. Here’s how you do it:  pick out ads that are highly profitable, create new ad sets, and reuse the same ads. And with each new ad set, you choose different targeting. However, a lot of factors come into the picture before you can get this off the ground. You should ideally test multiple ads for every ad set and based on performance, segment those ads into multiple ad sets. It may also be a good idea to test different ad sets with different ads.

Facebook advertising for fintech is something that is catching on amongst finance companies large and small. Fintech, as most of you know, stands for financial technology, and this niche attempts to boost activities in finances – this could be online and mobile payments, financial management, or alternative finance. And Facebook advertising for fintech can contribute to brand building and boosting conversions for these companies. Messenger bots and story ads are a great way for fintech companies to expand on their offerings and give customers a clear picture of their services and how they work. Influencer marketing on Facebook also works, where you leverage well-known characters or individuals that are relatable or inspirational to your target audience and get them to spread the word about your product/service. The other benefit of using Facebook advertising for fintech is that you can test different ads formats to see what’s working best.

Social Media & Content Specialist || Sahil has 2+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He has worked with 15+ brands till now from education, restaurants, real estate, NPOs, hotels, resorts and e-commerce sectors. Sahil is a huge Federer fan and plays tennis everyday. Besides that, he reads, paints and clicks photos in his spare time.

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