Weekly Digital Marketing Updates With UpGrowth (08-08-2019 To 21-08-2019)

Today we bring you the most recent updates from the world of digital marketing. From Google ads, we have the addition of 11 new languages to gallery ads, How Google has changed its preference between different match types.

From SEO we got the awesome Google maps update. We even have an update from WhatsApp and many more such updates..

So let’s get into it. 

Update 1: Keyword Match Type Update

Google recently updated the way Phrase Match type and Broad Match Modifier match type. Previously BMM only included close variants such as misspellings, singular or plural, stemming, abbreviations and accents. Now it will also include the same meaning queries.

Here are some examples provided by Google itself: 



Broad Match Modifier match type

Image: Broad Match Modifier match type


As you can see +mowing will now also trigger queries for grass cutting and gardening services and services that cut your grass.

For Phrase Match 


Phrase Match type

Image: Phrase Match type


The word order will still be respected. But similarly, it will match for the queries that have the same intention or meaning. Like “lawn mowing services” matches for grass cutting service near me.

What We Think 

As Google Ads continues to evolve with its continuous stream of updates it’s getting more smarter and intelligent. Now with this update, there will be an obvious increase in traffic. According to Google advertisers can expect a 3% – 4% bump in clicks and conversions.

Out of this 85% of clicks will come from queries that were not covered previously.

There are also some precautions. It’s imperative that search terms are checked regularly and add negatives.

Future Implications

Google is fast moving towards a zero keyword search campaign world. Audiences and machine learning is now the future. Automated campaign types such as local campaigns, smart campaigns, and App campaigns are proof of the same.

It’s time that advertisers keep this in mind and plan future campaign structures accordingly.

Curated by: Abhishek

Update 2: Gallery Ads

Gallery Ads

Image: Gallery Ads


Google unveiled a new ad type at its Google Marketing Live event. Gallery ads as they are called is Google’s answer to Facebook’s carousel ads. The gallery ad will appear on the very top of the SERP

With galley ads, advertisers will be able to add a minimum of 4 to 8 images displaying their services. But that’s not all these ads will also include 3 headlines like expanded ads. You will also be able to include taglines for each image.

You can be charged for these ads on the basis of clicks the same as normal search ads and also when a user swipes 3 images. Headlines will be included on the top of the images and taglines below the images. For now, these ads will only be available for mobile platform.

What we think

Images always have a certain advantage over simple text. This is a much-needed ad type in the world where Instagram and Facebook rule the image advertising scene.

The swipe feature can also be seen on food ordering apps like Zomato or uber eats where you see the best offer appear on top of the page where you can easily swipe among options and choose the one you like.

Future Implications

As mentioned before Google is getting more competitive day by day. Gallery Ad is just one of many steps in making the platform more image-centric to better compete with Instagram and Facebook. This update will make it essential to make the Gallery ad part of your campaign structure.

While there is only one spot for Gallery ads it’s still at the top of the SERP and if presented correctly will become the most lucrative conversion opportunity. This is a boon for recognized brands and bane for those who are stuck with text only practices.


Gallery Ad

Image: Gallery Ad


Gallery ads feature is only available for the mobile platform for now but it will soon roll out for computers and tablets. 

Curated by: Abhishek

Update 3: Facebook Removed Outdated Interest Targets for Advertising. 

Facebook has recently removed many outdated and infrequently used interest-based targeting options. These include old band names, older cultural references.

These efforts will help ad targeting by removing a range of specific ad targeting options to better ensure it’s systems are not used to limit audiences in an unfair manner.

The interest targets will be objected across all Facebook Ads interfaces, including APIs.

What we think about it

Facebook updated its policies to prevent such usage in early 2017, but still, it was entirely possible for advertisers to continue utilizing such exclusions through Facebook’s complex ad targeting system.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook removed more than 5,000 ad targeting options along the same, anti-discrimination lines, while it also rolled out a new, opt-in agreement process which gave them some legal enforcement option against businesses which chose to utilize such process.


Facebook removing some detailed targeting options

Image: Facebook removing some detailed targeting options


Curated by: Janhavi Ghodekar

Update 4: Google Maps rolls out AR Navigation for all, Adds New Timeline Sharing Features and Reservations Tab

AR navigation

Image: AR navigation


Google has declared a bunch of new includes for its Google Maps application clients. This incorporates the profoundly prevalent enlarged reality route for non-Pixel Android cell phones, a tab explicitly for your reservations, an approach to share your Timeline, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 


Google maps

Image: Google maps


Google has various approaches to arrange travel reservation information that has been sent to your email address. Presently, these reservations are getting their very own tab in the Google Maps application.

You’ll discover this tab in the Your Places area (which is gotten from the left route menu. From here you can see subtleties of your excursion including the majority of your flight data just as your lodging appointments. 


Google maps controls

Image: Google maps controls


Another new element is really not new as there were various reports of select nearby controls for Google Maps being welcome to test out the component. At that point, the organization officially reported this new AR route highlight at Google I/O not long ago, yet at the same time constrained its entrance to Pixel cell phones.

The element is right now known as Live View and is being made accessible (as a beta test) to Android and iOS gadgets that help ARCore and ARKit this week.

What we think about it

Maps was once fundamentally a route application. Google has been adding more highlights to make it a center where clients can leave audits, message nearby organizations, request sustenance, see the spots they have visited and, presently, see the goals they will visit, get suggestions dependent on past ventures or area history and spare areas to reference later. 

For nearby organizations, Maps’ extended usefulness makes their GMB postings — regardless — a pivotal piece of their online nearness.

Curated by: Neeraj Karnani

Update 5: Instagram is Looking Forward to Introduce a “Stories About You” Section

Instagram is planning to introduce a separate notification section for its ‘stories’ feature. This can be potentially very useful for  users. 

As per the new feature you will get a notification whenever a Story tags or mentions you. However, there’s no official announcement about it. 

What we think about it

Due to a separate notification section, this feature can be extremely useful for those users who have a high volume of mentions and struggle to keep on top of their responses. Let’s see if this feature makes it to Instagram.


Stories about you

Image: Stories about you


Curated by: Omkar Bagade


So these were the latest and greatest updates from all things related to digital marketing. A quick summary of all the updates so it remains fresh in your mind.

  1. Now BMM and Phrase match types will recognize keywords with similar intent.
  2. Gallery Ads coming to Google with 11 languages for the mobile platform only.
  3. Facebook removed outdated interest targeting for advertising.
  4. Google Maps rolled out AR navigation and a new reservations tab.
  5. Instagram is planning to introduce a   notification section for its “stories” feature.

We will be back again soon to bring you more updates from all things digital marketing.

Growth Marketer | Co-founder. Amol is Chief Growth Strategist at upGrowth. Different ways of lead generation, quick optimization tricks, and easy to implement growth hacks are his specialties. He loves to read and share his knowledge through training in free time.

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