Best Social Media Platforms to Invest in 2018

With the development of the internet technology. Social media has emerged as one of the strongest medium of marketing for almost every enterprise in the industry. Not only social media platforms have gathered the wide interest of users for social connectivity, they have also helped big and small enterprises to increase their revenues through social media marketing sharply.

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Social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have also understood their power of social and business connectivity, and therefore they have also integrated latest tools and technologies to help businesses succeed in the best possible manner.

According to a social media report from Statista, in 2017, 71 % of internet users used the social network in 2017, and these figures are expected to grow more and more. Thus in the coming year, social media platforms, 2018 are poised to create even more boom in the enterprise world. Therefore it is important for large enterprises to focus their resources on the right social media platforms for business in 2018. Here is the breakdown which will help your company decide or evaluate on the best social media platform to invest in 2018.


As of now, the most famous social network worldwide is Facebook. It currently sits at 2.6 billion active users per month making it one of the top social media platforms. With such massive audience and a robust social media platform, you can be sure to reach every level of your business growth by marketing your products and services efficiently on this most popular platform. Now Facebook has many tools which are dedicated to the business users with which enterprises can target your posts to the right demographics they want like gender, age, and others.



Facebook now offers the feature of increasing your posts reach by spending just a small amount of money. This feature is great for the businesses to increase the reach of the targeted posts and market their products to the right audience they intend to. With advanced analytics feature, you can track your success at all levels and analyze your efforts quickly. Facebook allows businesses find new customers and build strong relationship with the customers. It helps in spreading a positive word about the brand and encouraging endorsement.

Do you know that US mobile users spend 1 out of every 5 minutes on Facebook or Instagram? With efficient Facebook Ads and a compelling Facebook business page, it is possible to establish a strong online presence for your company’s brands or services and grow your business.

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According to Omicore report, the total number of active monthly Instagram users has crossed 800 million as on December 2017. Instagram is another on the list of most popular social media platforms which can help businesses to make their visual expression inspire visible actions from people from all parts of the world.



According to INOBOX report, the Instagram’s internal data says that

  • 80% of user accounts follow at least one business on Instagram.
  • 75 percent of the Instagram users get inspiration to act after watching an attention-grabbing post.
  • 60 percent of users on Instagram have claimed that they have discovered a new product on the Instagram platform.

With Instagram, you need to act differently from Facebook. The people on Instagram spend their time for inspiration and to discover new hobbies and new places. It is important to grab the attention of the target audience and to get attention create a story with emotion. You can build a large follower base with Instagram, but you also need to be familiar with the Instagram’s best practices and create an engagement with the followers and help other people discover your brand. It is no doubt that Instagram can be your next best social media marketing platform in 2017, but all you need is to use it wisely.

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Statista report says that Snapchat has 178 million daily active users as of third quarter of 2017. Snapchat is today the most popular social media platform amongst the young adults and teenagers in the United States. This photo and video sharing app is not only a sharing platform but also works as a potential marketing tool for a wide range of demographics which could not be accessible otherwise. Large enterprises, as well as others, can also use Snapchat to promote their businesses.



According to Mainstreethost, the application receives 10 billion views on its videos daily. It proves that Snapchat is used to publish and consume user-generated content. A big majority of advertisers and marketers use this app to generate an audience for their business growth.

Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ provides a platform for the companies to create a daily flow of content for its audience. With Discover, advertisers can place their stories on Snapchat which is a promoted content and thus provides a prime real estate on the app. This advertising feature can be used to create movie snippets representing your brand and connect with a good number of prospective customers.

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According to StatusBrew blog,

  • Twitter has 1.3 billion accounts of which 328 million are active accounts
  • On an average Twitter has 707 followers per user
  • There are 501 Million tweets sent every day which comes to 6000 tweets every second.
  • And the best thing for businesses- 65.8% US companies with more than 100 employees use Twitter as a marketing tool


Twitter was founded in 2006 and is now one of the most used social media platforms in the world. It is a micro-blogging site and is known for its short 140 char messages. Twitter has a bar like an environment where people talk to strangers and drop one-liners. They engage with people from all walks of life. This atmosphere makes Twitter the best platform for engaging your customers, and this is the reason why Twitter is the ideal social media platform for marketers in 2018.

Twitter is the only social media platform which has created an even playing field for brands and customers with clear and concise communication without any restriction. The microblogging site provides an excellent platform for the marketers who can share the latest news as a quick message and allows instant sharing of information. When it comes to a mobile platform, Twitter’s mobile platform is the simplest interface for providing on the go engagement, and a marketer can reach hundreds of thousands of followers immediately.

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Hike is Indian home-grown messaging app launched in the year 2012 and one in the list of new social media platforms. According to Expandedramblings Report, Hike has 100 million registered users as in June 2017. The average number of hike messages sent daily is 1 billion. With such great numbers, Hike can be a great option on the list of new social media platforms 2018 for the large enterprises to invest in the year 2018.



When the brands have begun to harness the power of social media now, the messaging apps like Hike can be a great option to connect directly with the massive audience and be one in social media trends for business. The opportunity to reach a large and young mobile audience through Hike is too attractive to ignore in today’s competitive world. Large enterprises can invest their resources in providing customer service, direct sales, and content marketing through Hike which can definitely show the best results in terms of increases customer interaction and better revenue.

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The fresh new year 2018 is approaching, and with its grand arrival, it also promises endless opportunities for the enterprises to adopt new and more efficient marketing strategies in their plans. Social media platforms have always been one of the most significant medium of business marketing in the recent years.

With the passing of every year, Social media platforms are promising more and more opportunities to the investors. Therefore it will be a serious loss to an enterprise’s growth if they do not understand the possibility of unprecedented returns from these. Choosing the best social platform for an enterprise’s needs from these top 5 social media platforms and investing resources and money in that will definitely help the enterprise to increase a loyal base of customers and penetrating more into the markets to generate more revenue.

Social media is one of the key modes of communication these days, for consumers and businesses. But what are all the social media platforms?

There are several hundreds and thousands of social media platforms globally, but there are a handful which are omnipresent and used by millions worldwide. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the platforms that are used by individuals and businesses to promote themselves and their brand.

Depending on the nature of your business, and the kind of message you want to communicate, you can choose to be present on one platform or many.

What are the biggest social media platforms you should be on if you’re running a business? For starters, you need to be on Facebook and Instagram, especially if you are running a B2C venture where consumers need to see what you have on offer.

Instagram, being a highly visual medium, is perfect for companies looking to promote products. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a great platform for those in the B2B space – it gives you the opportunity to connect with other businesses and the right points of contact within those businesses.

It also allows you to share articles, blogs and other forms of content where you can highlight your subject matter expertise. Twitter is a good forum to interect with your followers in real time and take in consumer complaints and feedback.

What is the best social media platform to be on if you want to promote your brand? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to that, unfortunately. You can filter platforms based on their reach, their functionality and their tools, and choose a platforms that will help you achive your content marketing goals.

Instagram is an inherently visual platform that is ideal for businesses large and small that sell directly to consumers. The app makes it easy to showcase products and add direct shop links. Facebook also has similar functionality built in, and you can run ads or just promote a page with images and information about your goods.

LinkedIn is ideal for B2B businesses looking to network and grow their customer base. It makes it easy to connect with businesses that are looking for the products and services you have to offer.

What is the most used social media platform? Facebook has dominated the social media market for a decade, but five other platforms also have more than half a billion users each.

With 2.3 billion users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform today, but others like YouTube, Instagram and WeChat follow, with more than a billion users. Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Qzone, Reddit, Snapchat and Pinterest are also widely used. Market leader Facebook was the first amongst all social media platforms to cross 1 billion users, while photo-sharing app Instagram has over 1 billion active accounts at present.

Social media is a must-have for any business today. But which platforms should you be on? Which networks will give your business a boost? And which social media platform has the most active users? The answer to that one is: Facebook.

Market leader Facebook was the first social media network to cross 1 billion registered accounts and at present, sits at 2.6 monthly active users. Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook but comes much lower in the pecking order, has over 1 billion monthly active accounts.

If you are looking at sheer numbers, than Facebook has the largest number of users.

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